Hub 231 - Sunset Park Libary

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Last updated July 12, 2023 by Lydon Thorpe

Sunset Park Library is located in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. The bottom floor is a library, with apartment units above.

In March of 2023, we began work installing a community hub on the library. The library has Line-Of-Sight to SN3, covers the majority of the surrounding area, and extends mesh coverage further south in Brooklyn.


The site currently hosts 2 antenna masts on the upper roof of the building. There is a AF24 Point-to-Point(PtP) link back to SN3, 4 AirMax sector antennas for LiteBeam connections from the surrounding buildings and a direct PtP link to Node-9382 full building install.

A goal during the design process for this hub was to develop a well documented standard hub template that could be replicated at other locations. The design also includes space for future expansion including apartment connections or a fiber backbone if that is desired in the future.

The site currently has a CCR1009 main router, EdgePower DC supply and a NetPower 16P rooftop switch.

Wiring Diagram Full Size File

Sector Coverage