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Hello and welcome to the documentation website for NYC Mesh!

About NYC Mesh

We are a community network offering fast, affordable, and fair access to the Internet for all New Yorkers. By joining NYC Mesh, you can access the Internet while simultaneously helping your neighbors get better, safer Internet access, too. Adding an NYC Mesh connection to your apartment or building can serve as a backup Internet connection in case your commercial Internet service goes down.

As a community network, city residents such as yourself take it upon themselves to maintain and grow the network. This means that in addition to accessing the Internet, you can also make friends, meet neighbors, and learn valuable technical and computer skills by participating in our active community, either in-person or online. We regularly host face-to-face meetups, and you can join our Slack chat. Both are great places to ask questions and otherwise connect with our active community.

About this Website

The NYC Mesh Docs website is the central clearinghouse for technical information about our network. Here, we describe the implementation of specific nodes, document installation procedures, and more. This website is not a networking tutorial, so readers are expected to have some basic familiarity with computer internetworking concepts to take full advantage of the material we present here, but we do strive to provide links to good educational resources for newcomers where it makes sense to do so.

There are a couple of different ways that you can make use of this website.

  • Like a book: You can read the entire website “front to back.” Use the navigation menu to proceed from one section to the next, in order. This will give you a good idea of how our network works and how you can help us improve and maintain it.
  • Like a reference: You can skip directly to a section that interests you, or use this website to look up answers to specific questions that you have. This comes in particularly handy during an install or when troubleshooting issues.

Moreover, this website itself is part of the community network and is maintained by volunteers. That means you can help us improve it by adding missing information, clarifying confusing points, or even just fixing typos you notice while you’re reading. To learn more about how you can contribute to and edit this website, see our docs README file.