DIY & Troubleshooting

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Last updated October 7, 2020 by OlivierMorf

For a DIY (“do it yourself”) install we recommend joining our Slack group where you can chat with us.

There is a channel in Slack- #diy-install-support where you can ask questions. We can guide you on what hardware to buy, and what is the likely best connection to a nearby antenna.

For DIY, you must still fill in our join form. This will give you a request number (aka “node number”) which you will need for your install. It will also get you in our system so we can give you advice and look for line-of-sight connections.

For a quick check of line-of-sight you can use our line-of-sight tool. Put in your address and it will show you which hubs you might be able to connect to.

Here is a list of equipment we typically use. Remember to use outdoor ethernet cable, and securely mount your antennas on j-pipes or secured masts. Masts should be strong metal as plastic PVC pipes will bend.

Our general install advice is here in the docs

We ask you, if you can, to support NYC Mesh with a monthly subscription. Donating helps maintain, operate and expand NYC Mesh so, just like you, others can benefit from the network.

Section Contents

  1. Troubleshooting
  2. Try the new LTU sector