Nodes 1932/1933/1934 (Grand Street)

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Last updated January 28, 2023 by Lydon Thorpe

Grand Street is a group of buildings in the lower east side. These 3 housing towers are run by Grand Street Guild. The partnership between NYCMesh and Grand Street guild has worked out very well, and is something we look forward to duplicating with other complexes in the city.

Grand Street has a 40gbit fiber line to the 111th 8th Ave datacenter. This datacenter has no room for antennas on the roof, but allows us high bandwidth access to many of our upstream providers.

Fiber Installs

Grand Street has fiber run between 131 Broome and each other building. Each building has Fiber To The Home (FTTH) for all tenants in the building, distributed via a GPON network. Connected appartments each have access to ~1gbps low latency fiber internet.

Public Wi-Fi

There are also public Wi-Fi access points scattered around the courtyards, community center and Mesh Room which are located in the complex. We have mesh Wi-Fi access points around the complex mounted on lightpoles.


Grand street also hosts a variety of sectors and Point-to-Point links. It has direct connections to both Vernon and SN1, along with high bandwidth links to other hubs in Brooklyn and further up the river to Greenpoint.