Supernode 2 - Decommissioned

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Last updated February 3, 2023 by margsuarez

⚠️ Supernode 2 is no longer active. The sector antennas were moved to Soft Surplus ⚠️

Supernode 2 (node 570) was located at 1196 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn New York. On October 7th, 2018 it was taken down due to roof repair.

The information below is a point of reference for how supernode 2 was configured.

Supernode 2 radios



Supernode 2 coverage


Point-to-point link to node 227 The router Battery backup


Description Model Manufacturer Quantity
Router Hex PoE Mikrotik 1
Point-to-point radio AirFiber 24 UBNT 1
Point-to-point radio Nanobeam AC UBNT 1
Wide area AP LiteAP 120 UBNT 2
Indoor AP UniFi AP UBNT 1
Application server Raspberry Pi RPi Foundation 1
Inverter/Charger/ATS APS700HF Tripp Lite 2
Battery EXP12180 ExpertPower 1



A pair of AirFiber 24s was donated to NYC Mesh and was deployed between 227 and 570 to provide Brooklyn with a near 1Gbps backhaul link to Supernode 1, the Manhattan area of the mesh and the internet.

Battery backup

Shortly after initial installation we noticed the node would go down on a somewhat regular basis. After some investigation and discussion with building residents, the culprit was revealed to be a circuit breaker being tripped by power hungry air conditioners. To insulate the node against short power outages like this we built a simple backup power system out of a 12 volt battery and integrated inverter / charger / automatic transfer switch.


570 currently uses BGP to exchange routes with its mesh peers. We hope to upgrade this node to support more dynamic routing protocols soon.