Try the new LTU sector

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Last updated May 25, 2022 by Brian Hall

Ubiquiti has a new “technology” which is the successor to AirMax , called LTU. (more about AirMax )

LTU and AirMax are not compatible. You need a different device/antenna to connect to the LTU sector.

We have one LTU sector mounted on the west side of 1340-Saratoga. Try it.

Here the approximate coverage.


The sector is a LTU-Rocket radio and a AM-5ac21-60 antenna. It is positioned about 260o azimut, and it’s a 60o angle.

We have one node using that new LTU sector right now. 944-Flo It uses a LTU LR antenna and so far is better with a more stable bandwidth then the Litebeam Gen2 to a LiteAP it was using before.

See the LTU devices available