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Last updated September 29, 2020 by Brian Hall

Chromebooks are good for installs as they are cheap and all you need is a browser and a terminal anyway.

To get a standard terminal you have to put the Chromebook in developer mode. This will also erase your login info and any local data.

  • Turn the Chromebook off

  • Turn it on while holding esc and ⟳ (escape and reload)

  • Wait for the next screen that says something like “Chrome OS is missing or…”

  • Press Ctrl-D

  • Wait for next screen

  • Press enter

The Chromebook should restart and you can sign is as guest or enter your gmail etc to set up the laptop.

  • ctrl-T to get a terminal

  • type shell at the prompt to get a standard shell

The next time you start your Chromebook-

  • Press Ctrl-D to continue (don’t press the spacebar!)