Getting Started

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Please read our FAQ if you haven’t already.

Join the mesh
First you need to enter a new node request. This will add your router to our list of node requests and put your location on our map. If you have multiple locations enter them separately. If you are within range of a supernode and have line-of-sight you may be able to connect directly. Otherwise we will try to connect you to a nearby rooftop.

To connect to the supernode, please contact us and we will advise. This usually uses a LiteBeamAC or NanoBeamAC. Configuration info is here.

To setup a rooftop to rooftop connection you can use two NanoStation M5s. You can also just set up a public access point and aim it towards the street. It is best to figure out exactly what kind of connection you are making before proceeding. Chat with us first to make sure.

Order a router