Ubiquiti Firmware

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Last updated December 24, 2021 by Brian Hall

Ubiquiti firmware has some buggy versions that need to be avoided. In general never use a “.0” release. It is beta quality and will probably have serious bugs that may be fixed by .1 or .2 version.

Ubiquiti have two very separate product lines with different firmware, AirMAX and UniFi

Don’t use the latest firmware from Ubiquiti! Use the stable versions below-


We currently use 8.7.1 on most CPE (like the LiteBeams)

Download 8.7.1 here

For sector AP’s we use 8.5.12 for DFS stability (or 8.7.1 if this is not an issue)

Download 8.5.12 here


We disable AirView on sectors to improve CPU performance

Notes on recent AirMax firmware-
8.7.1 is fine, don’t update!
8.7.4 the signal levels are artificially higher.
8.7.5 this has a TDMA bug which causes performance to fail after a few days.


We’ve found all versions after 4.3.20 to be buggy. Basically meshing broke in the later versions so your network will go down after a day or so, unless all of your AP’s are wired. Not only will a meshed AP crash, it will take down the rest of the local network!

Download 4.3.20 here