MikroTik Firmware

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Last updated August 30, 2022 by margsuarez

MikroTik routerOS 6 firmware is generally stable. We are currently using 6.49.6.

**Do not use version 7 (not yet supported) or version 6.47/6.48/6.49.2 (occasional hangs) **

routerOS 6

Download 6.49.6 OmniTik (mipsbe) here and SXTsq (arm) here

Remember that OmniTiks use the “mipsbe” firmware and SXT’s use the “arm” firmware due to different processors.

We have documented issues with 6.47/6.48/6.49.2 so don’t use them.

We have many omnitiks running 6.49.6 without any problem.

routerOS 7

Don’t use it yet - it won’t work!

This has finally been released but it doesn’t work with our configuration yet. We keep testing it as we are eager to deploy the newly added WireGuard. If you are interested in beta-testing the WG setup, post in the #software-firmware channel on Slack.

If you need to downgrade, read the instructions here

Mikrotik devices come in a variety of architectures and form-factors. Fortunately the firmware versioning and built levels are the same across all platforms. The main variant is the architecture, which might be a different chip for each device model.

We currently use the stable version of RouterOS 6 (6.49.6)

Below is a table of the 6.49.6 firmware for Mikrotik devices that are in the mesh:

Model Architecture Firmware link
OmniTik 5ac MIPSBE Download
SXTsq ac ARM Download
hAP ac^2 ARM Download
CCR Series TILE Download
hAP mini SMIPS Download
hAP lite SMIPS Download

Installing firmware

  • Login to your Mikrotik box Web UI ( CLI if you know how )
  • Go to WebFig > Files section, upload the firmware file
  • Reboot the router
  • The firmware version is visible at the top of the Web UI, watch for the new version