Outreach Materials

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Last updated March 22, 2024 by Brian Hall

Mesh Guide:

Mesh Guide given to new members and for general mesh info.
(Paper copies are available in the Mesh Room for mesh installers to distribute)

NYC Mesh Member Guide (digital)

NYC Mesh Member Guide (print)


General Information

2024 Cut-the-Cord Streaming TV guide

2023 Trifold color

2020 Two page trifold general brochure

One page general flyer

One page narrow brochure: Join NYC Mesh

Church handout -(source file)

Thank you card

Flyers for distribution to potential new nodes and areas with mesh coverage.

Two page trifold neighborhood brochure (English/Spanish)

One page neighbourhood poster (English/Spanish)

Two page trifold general brochure

One page general flyer

Flyers and Posters to distribute in buildings with existing mesh connections.
(Can be provided to members to give to their neighbours.)

Two page trifold existing building brochure (English/Spanish)

Building Postcard (English/Spanish)

Building Postcard [Chinese]

Public WiFi Access Poster

Letter Templates

Fiber install for building

Sample introductory letter for businesses/community organizations

Proposal to building management/landlord


Stickers to place on mesh equipment and power supplies.

General mesh equipment sticker

Hub/Node power supply sticker

NYCMesh.net QR Code

Our logo

NYC Mesh logo svg
NYC Mesh logo png