MikroTik Firmware

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Last updated December 29, 2019 by Brian

Mikrotik devices come in a variety of architectures and form-factors. Fortunately the firmware versioning and built levels are the same across all platforms. The main variant is the architecture, which might be a different chip for each device model.

We follow the stable version of RouterOS (6.46.1), which is fairly well-tested, so there is little reason to wait to update after a new version comes out.

Below is a table of the latest firmwares for Mikrotik devices that are in the mesh:

Model Architecture Firmware link
OmniTik 5ac MIPSBE Download
SXTsq ac ARM Download
hAP ac^2 ARM Download
CCR Series TILE Download
hAP mini SMIPS Download
hAP lite SMIPS Download

Installing firmware

  • Login to your Mikrotik box Web UI ( CLI if you know how )
  • Go to WebFig > Files section, upload the firmware file
  • Reboot the router
  • The firmware version is visible at the top of the Web UI, watch for the new version