Taking Panorama Photos

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Last updated May 30, 2022 by Brian

A direct line of sight to a Supernode or hub node is required to connect to NYC Mesh. To help the install team determine whether a line of sight is possible, we ask new members to provide a panoramic photo of the view from their rooftop. We don’t do installs in windows, but DIY are welcome to try this.

Where to find the panorama photo function on your phone

Most cell phone cameras have panoramic photo capability in camera mode.


On iPhones, this feature will be a scrollable option on the bottom of the camera screen.

alt text


On Android phones, this feature may be listed under “more” or “…”.

alt text

Taking a good panorama image

Taking a panorama image should show as much of the surrounding landscape as possible. We need to see the line of sight to the nearest supernode or hub as well as any buildings surrounding your line of sight. If you cannot see the nearest supernode or hub from your current position, please move so that your panorama will include a visual. If you are willing and able, please feel free to annotate cardinal directions and nearest supernode or hub (see examples below).

Best practices for roof panoramas

  • 360 degrees shown
  • identify which side of your building is the closest node
  • clear and well-lit (daytime photos only)
  • include existing antenna masts

Best practices for DIY window panoramas

  • 180 degrees shown
  • open window and put your arm all the way out
  • show as much of the view out of the window as possible
  • tilt your phone upwards if necessary to capture the tops of nearby buildings
  • clear and well-lit (daytime photos only)

Example Panoramas

alt text alt text alt text