LinkNYC Kiosk

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Last updated May 24, 2020 by Brian

We do not install LinkNYC Kiosk repeaters as they are not as reliable as a mesh connection. We still support DIY kiosk repeaters through our Slack group.

If you are too far away from an access point to get a good connection, you can use a directional router to connect to Link NYC. We recommend using a Mikrotik SXTsq G-5acD international version. The LinkNYC kiosks use DFS channels which, although legal and FCC approved, aren’t supported in some USA versions of hardware.

To use the SXTsq 5 ac you need to get the international version and configure it according to our detailed instructions, the simplified fast config or the VPN config which connects you to our mesh network.

Here is the link to buy the SXTsq. Make sure to specify international.

With all these gateways we get lots of questions about security. As always, https (used by most web sites) is a secure way to transmit information across wifi. We recommend our VPN config for end-to-end encryption for total security.